Five individuals who met at the 2009 Canada Wide Science Fair and wanted to encourage more students to get involved in STEM opportunities founded Science Expo in 2010. Two months later, the first Science Expo, a 2-hour symposium, was held in a Guelph, Ontario high school auditorium. It attracted over 200 students, parents, and teachers, and featured Ph.D candidate and science fair guru Mubdi Rahman as the keynote speaker.

The next year, the Science Expo team held its first full day conference at the University of Waterloo, and marked a milestone by successfully registering as a non-for-profit organization. In addition, a group of 5 interns joined the team that summer, 4 of whom stayed on as executives in the following year. Science Expo experienced a rapid surge in growth in 2012, expanding both its team size to a group of 13 high school and university students, and its reach to include the Greater Toronto Area. Science Expo 2012 was held at the Ontario Science Centre, and featured Nobel Prize winner Dr. Brad Bass as one of its keynote speakers.

Today, Science Expo has grown to include several other outreach programs. These include a high school ambassador program, a teacher outreach program, and EXPOtential, the Science Expo alumni exclusive mentorship program. Through these outreach programs, the organization hopes to build a network of passionate students who are involved in STEM.