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About Who We Are

Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group is a youth-run registered non-profit organization that strives to empower youth through connections. For ambitious high school students who seek enrichment opportunities, Science Expo is the platform that connects them to a community of young innovators, enrichment opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and leaders in the STEM fields. Science Expo intends to fulfill this mission through multiple programs that include a flagship annual conference, a mentorship program, student and teacher outreach programs, and a creative competition. Since its inception in 2010, the Science Expo team has increased and diversified; our reach has increased across Ontario, and we are inspiring a new generation of innovators.

Our registered NPO number with the Government of Ontario is 1857634. While Science Expo is Canadian run, we occasionally post relevant opportunities outside of Ontario and Canada.

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Science Expo’s annual conference has been the organization’s flagship event since its inception in 2010. Held in February, this one-day conference brings together around 100 of Ontario’s brightest youth from high schools in Waterloo to Sudbury. Students have the chance to hear high profile individuals speak about their STEM experiences, participate in workshops, networking activities and a design challenge, and inquire into a variety of STEM opportunities at the exhibition. For the past two years, delegates also had the opportunity to compete for a $500 scholarship; however, a new program will replace this for Science Expo 2013. Overall, the annual conference gives students a platform to network with like-minded peers, and an opportunity to learn about how they can become involved in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Past speakers at the conference have included Mubdi Rahman (science fair guru), Joshua Liu (Founder of SMARTS), Nicholas Schiefer (International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Prize winner), and Dr. Brad Bass (2007 Nobel Prize winner).

Registration is currently underway for the Ontario conference until January 9th. Click here to learn more.

Don’t forget to view our photo galleries here for more photos from our conferences!



  • Act as liaisons between Science Expo and your school
  • Organize school wide events on behalf of Science Expo (Fall Info Night)
  • Promote different activities and events Science Expo has throughout the year (presentations, posters, announcements, social media, etc)


  • Develop valuable skills such as communication and leadership
  • Discounts to Science Expo events
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Expand your professional network
  • Gain experience working for a recognized non-profit organization
  • Learn to work efficiently on a team
  • Network with very accomplished youth
  • Strengthen interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Engagement to the STEM community
  • Chance to work with the executive team
  • Competitive advantage during Science Expo executive recruitment


  • Attend all training sessions and meetings
  • Commit time as needed throughout the year to Science Expo work

Get Involved
If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program, email info@science-expo.org.


Our Peer Mentorship Program aims to help our alumni explore their potential through a unique mentorship opportunity. Science Expo conference alumni will be paired with an accomplished university student, who will act as a mentor for the alumnus or alumna. The goal is to build a network of passionate students who are involved in STEM.

We want to establish a large network of past alumni to collaborate and present opportunities to each other with support from a community of mentors, encouraging alumni to explore their STEM passions. This informal mentorship and support system built between linked minded peers will allow alumni to build trust among each other, take risks, conquer fears, and make lifelong friendships.


Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group not only reaches out to students, but to their mentors: their high school teachers. Science Expo is dedicated to informing educators and administrators alike of the wonderful opportunities in the world of STEM. Along with the ambassador program, these teachers and students can reach out to more students at their school about these opportunities. We strive to create networks of passionate students and teachers in the Greater Toronto Area that can constantly catalyze the chain reaction of awareness. Science Expo currently reaches schools all over the GTA and is constantly adding more teachers to our contact list!

To sign up, or to get more information, send us an email at info@science-expo.org.

Team The People Behind It All

Maya Burhanpurkar
Jeremy Ho
Vice-President External
Kaitlyn Yong
Vice-President Internal
Lucia Huo
Co-Chair, SE BC
Denny Choi
Co-Chair, SE BC
Kabir Nadkarni
Co-Chair, SE Alberta
Lauren Hebert
Co-Chair, SE Alberta
Jennifer Dong
Conference Director
Hamza Cue
Content Manager
Michael Liu
Delegate Relations
Samantha Stuart
Logistics Manager
Robby Xu
Director of Marketing
Alex Tomala
Alex Tomala
IT Manager
Emma Xie
Emma Xie
Graphics Designer
Dan Wei
Director of Business Development
Subah Imami
Affiliates Manager
Edward Li
Edward Li
Schools Outreach Director
Jacob Hopper
Ambassador Program Director
Mauricio Diaz
Peer Mentorship Director
Sarah Wu
Outreach Coordinator
Vivek Chachcha
Conference Director
Steven Luo
Conference Director
Maria Baclig
Schools Outreach Director
Tyler Magwood
Conference Director, Calgary
Sai Vemula
Conference Director, Edmonton
Janica Echavez
Marketing Director
Brendan Samek
Business Development Director